Galactic Missions, Soul Purposes, Human Rules

I only discovered Lisa Transcendence Brown a couple of weeks ago, but after watching a few of her recent videos and reading a few of her recent articles, I like her very much. I like the way she expresses higher Light in an earthy, honest and easily relatable way. I also deeply enjoy how she nearly bursts, nearly explodes with happiness LightLOVE when she feels something wonderful and it just radiates out of her. If you’ve read my book The Temple of Master Hotei, you’ll understand why I like and relate to her.

Her March 16, 2017 Super Quantum Energy Report video felt like the perfect message and reminder for All now as the March 2017 Equinox energies arrive and push us up a few more evolutionary energy Stair-steps. Thank You Lisa Transcendence Brown for it. ❤ ❤ ❤


March 17, 2017


12 thoughts on “Galactic Missions, Soul Purposes, Human Rules

  • Hey Denise,

    Oh wow, what an amazingly​ beautiful higher souled lady Lisa T. Brown is 👍💓💓 So much truth in all she says…….👌 The time to come together is now, no more selfish ways of sorting out just ourselves……👍

    Life is sure getting very freaky and down right confusing at times, all this and trying to hold down a 9-5 job and a normal home life!……..🙄😱

    Love & hugs,

    Stubeing xoxoxo

  • Hello! Much Love. What an amazing article and video. Thank you both sooooo much. I have been experiencing the push to let go of negative emotions and old idea’s, ways of thinking/feeling, judgements, etc. The main issue I have having currently, is absolute exhaustion, complete lack of motivation, and total fatigue. Now I see why! Lol. I have rested this entire day, feeling so drained and blah. Doesn’t help that our Spring Equinox here in Ohio, has been extremely rainy and dreary. Lol. Any suggestions on how to raise my vibration, and gain the energy and get up and go, go, go, that I know i will require for this work?! I’m a bit frustrated and also lack in direction. Mind over matter is not an easy task either. Thanks in advance. Love & Light

    • Cora Ell,

      I too have experienced long periods of feeling zero enthusiasm and ‘motivation’ and have had to learn how to move myself out of it when I know it’s more than just the normal Ascension Process exhaustion. There’s the much needed rest and/or nap times, and there’s the I don’t care about much of anything times, and there’s the I feel so bad I can’t move times all caused by our rapid evolutionary Ascension Processes.

      In the old lower 3D world we planned and laid out our jobs and projects etc. in very linear fashion. Now however I’ve found that when I get seriously bogged down and don’t want to do much of anything, if I just suddenly get myself up and start doing something minus all the linear planning, I’ll feel better after a bit and realize how nonlinear and quantum-like things are now. There’s vastly less linear mental thinking, planning etc. and more just do it in the NOW Moment sort of thing and it feels good functioning from this no time Heart space, but it takes some getting used to in comparison to the old lower 3D linear mental ways we’ve been so used to.

      It’s no longer ‘mind over matter’ but HighHeart over matter and time! 😉

  • Well, I was all set to deal with my skeleton going its way to crystalline, and now it’s muscles up for grabs? Definition of plasma:

    Methinks, I’ll give some thought to whether or not I want to be a crystalline liquid that conducts electricity. So far my old meat suit seems to be pretty good at same, though I confess the non-gaseous part of the plasma definition might be pleasant.

    Interesting video. Love, B.

    • I think this means, mainly happening to our being in other dimensions… That’s my understanding. Things are happening to our physical bodies and human dna on a cellular level as well. But we will feel effects of our light bodies becoming crystalline while we are still embodied in the 3rd dimension. This is my understanding….

  • Lisa is brilliant, I’ve been following her for a while. She has been on spirit library for a few months now, but some of those posts don’t have that same magic flow that she radiates.. So if people like her, check out her facebook posts. She posts all day if she has time, and the energy is amazing.

    I’m so happy she has reached such a larger audience. She is so worthy..

  • Thanks so much, Denise & Lisa. This all resonates strongly. Last night I had exactly the experience Lisa talked about with reference to karmic patterns that may have been adopted through love, how as soon as a pattern is seen, it can be instantly dropped. (If one is willing! Lol.)

    • I’ve often said how trapped we are when we’re blind to something, unaware of something within ourselves. But now, the instant we become consciously aware of something within ourselves, our old habits, old emotional responses, old beliefs etc., we’re capable of letting go of it/them which instantly propels us into a slightly higher frequency state of being, reality, timeline and so on. Stair-steps. And yes, it all comes down to whether of not each person is willing to evolve or not! Free Will n’ all that. 😉

  • Wow! This was an amazing, and timely message!! Thank you Denise, and Thank you Lisa Transendence Brown!!
    Godspeed Everyone, Everywhere 💖

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